Hainan Island Visa Waiver Policy for Visitors from 59 countries starting from May 1, 2018


Visa Waiver Policy for visitors to Hainan Island updated on April. 18:

Starting from May 1, 2018. visitor(s) from the following countries enjoy visa waiver policy to visit Hainan Island for up to 30 days on Hainan Island. Those countries are:

Russia、UK、French、Germany、Norway、Ukraine、Italy、Austria、Finland、Holland、Denmark、Switzerland、Sweden、Spain、Belgium、Czech、Estonia、Greece、Hungary、Iceland、Latvia、Lithuania、Luxembourg、Malta、Poland、Portugal、Slovakia、 Ireland 、 Cyprus、Bulgaria、Rumania、Serbia、Croatia、Bosnia and Herzegovina、Republic of Montenegro、Macedonia、Albania、US、Canada、Brazil、Mexico、Argentina、Chile、Australia、New Zealand、South Korea、Japan、Singapore、Malaysia、Thailand、Kazakhstan、Philippines、Indonesia、Brunei、United Arab Emirates、Katar、Monaco、The Republic of Belarus.

To benefit from the this policy, tourist(s) must book their travel schedule with qualified travel agencies in Hainan Island like www.sunnyhainan.com with the following information including name, birthday, nationality, passport no. as well as arrival/departure date/flights details. Then our guide will meet you at Haikou ro Sanya airport upon arrival and departure.  If members of the visa waiver tour group want to extend their stay on Hainan or travel to other parts of China, they should apply for visas in accordance to the law.

Travelling to Mainland China with visa waiver policy:

Please not visitors entering Hainan Island with visa waiver policy can’t travel to Mainland China, but stay only on Hainan Island, for up to 30 days.

Please note that you MUST travel from outside of China to be eligible for the Hainan Visa Waiver Policy for visitor(s) to Hainan Island, NOT from any city on Mainland China.

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