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Comments to Caddie Lu and her team services

Guest satisfaction is our first priority. Caddie Lu & her team has worked on and since Dec.2004 as a career. It is not only business for her and the team. Caddie Lu and her family moved from a cold place of China and love Sanya very much. She and her staff are trying their best to help all visitors for a great Sunny Sanya Holiday.

The following are the recent memories and travel reviews from clients sent to us about their trips to Hainan Island. We would love to add your memories to these pages, please email to, thank you.

Hi my dear Caddie! How are you?

Sorry my late reply – we got caught  a hurricane on the way back and the trip turned out quite tiresome. Moscow also provided a lot of urgent task to tackle at once.

This letter is to express my sincere gratitude to you and your wonderful team for a wonderful organization of our tour. You turned out to be extremely knowledgeable, persistent, result-oriented and experienced in making your clients happy. You were always very supportive to me and my family as a customer. Nature of my bookings in China required a high level of multitasking and patience and your performed wonderful under pressure. I felt secured with you as our tour provider. You proved many times that can run extra mile for a client and have got a true Passion for work.

I really appreciated working with you. You inspired me to consider your fine company for all my future trips to Sannya. I would be pleased to recommend your fine company to my many friends and colleagues!

Thank you, Caddie!  It’s really a good job done!  Our joint pictures will be sent to your Whatsap application.

Best wishes,

Rykunova Svetlana

Hallo Caddie,
So at last we are back in Sweden after our Autumn-tour to South-East Asia. We spent some time in a cold and misery Shanghai before we left for home. Thank you for your assistance in Sanya. As the knowledge in English is fairly poor at many hotel receptions it was good to have your assistant with us when we checked in. We loved the place even if we wondered where all the people we saw at breakfast were spending their daytime. The weather was quite good and we just relaxed after all the big cities we had seen.
We will pass your name and address to people we know and who are going to China, as I told you it was just a consistence that we happened to see your website.
Now we will spend Christmas with our family and in early January we start our Spring-tour in Northern Laos ending in late March in Hanoi.
The Best to you all,
Björn and Lilian

Dear Caddie, Sophia and Eva,
Thank you all so much for organizing the Sanya tour and hotel bookings!!
We enjoyed all the places that we visited and the hotel was also very good. I just have two suggestions –
1. The car could have been more comfortable. Maybe you should try to get the middle seat fixed so it can recline a bit. It was too straight and I was getting a backache.
2. The tour stated “Pearl Factory”, but actually we went to a shop. I was expecting a factory to mean someplace we could see how pearl is cultured and processed, so was disappointed a bit.
On the whole it was a very good holiday and I must add that your driver is also very courteous. Pls convey our thanks to him as well.
Thanks again

Archana Mahajan

Hi Sunny Sanya,

Thank you for your e-mail. I have been very happy with your service, despite the misunderstanding!

I will certainly be recommending you to our friends who might travel to Sanya and will use your services if we plan another trip ourselves.

Many thanks,


Hi Caddie,
Sorry for late reply to your email.
The Lanhai apartment was a lot better, thank you. Although a bit more out-of-the-way from things we found that to be more to our liking and found the building complex was very nice. There is a few restaurants and shops nearby so we had everything that we needed nearby. The swimming pool was very good although the security wouldn’t let you use the pool until 15:30 which was a shame. The apartment we had, had a very nice view over the ocean although the street noise did travel up so it could be quite noisy with the balcony doors open when the road was busy. All in all though we found it a very nice place for us, when compared to the Blue Sea Guest House it was just in a totally different world when you look at what you get for pretty much the same money.
I would like to say thank you for doing what you did to help us enjoy our stay in Sanya. We really did appreciate you finding us somewhere else more to our liking. So i couldn’t fault you or your staff when it came to fixing the issue.
So thank you again for everything
Kind Regards
Phil Hughes

Hi Caddie,
I wanted to thank you for all you help in organizing this holiday.
I’d like to make special note of Eva, who was fantastic. She was extremely friendly and very informative about the City, it’s history and where we could find things etc. She made sure we were fully informed of times/transfers etc. and even followed up with us after we were picked up from the hotel to make sure we arrived on time.
I will certainly recommend her in Hong Kong.
There were a couple of things I will speak to the hotel directly about as I don’t feel this was your responsibility.
Best wishes
Hi Caddie,
We just arrived home after 3 week China vacation.
The Pullman Spa Hotel was excellent place for this week. Nothing to complain. Perfect situation , good apartment, excellent service. Some problems with the language in hotel , but it understandable. One remark- hotel has only size M bathrobe – in Europe we have also L, XL, XXL.
Communication with Your tour Office was good.
Only complain about transportation , that we have to wait 5 min after departure in airport and the car wasn’t big enough for our group and all luggage. But it was solved quickly.
We were very satisfied .
Thank You
Armin Heiman

Dear Caddie & Eva.
In words I cannot explain how wonderful you were. We are still in Hong Kong and are flying back tomorrow night.
We are missing our grandchildren very much. Your daughter is so beautiful. Please send me her name. I have got very pretty photos of you and will mail them when I get home. Our granddaughters name is Miane and grandson Dewald.
Your agency was wonderful. You always answered my many questions promptly. When I saw your lovely smiling face at the station I felt at home. The transport system of the hotel also worked great.
You were wonderful and the day we spent with you felt like you were family. The driver was also very friendly and always prompt. We are telling everybody about the Island and we loved the hotel. We have travelled all over the world but our hotel staff were some of the best.
We will come back to your beautiful island.
In general I will see you again one day. This time we will fly via Singapore a city which I also love and not Hong Kong.
Greetings from Sunny Africa.


Hi Sunny Sanya,
We had a great time at Sanya. I hope the following feedback helps:
Website was easy to find and information was simple to follow.
Communication was quick and very helpful at answering any queries. Contact was constant throughout booking and during the trip.
Transfers to and from airport were punctual.
Staff was polite and approachable.
Huaya Resort was really great. Plenty of restaurants to choose from. Accommodation was clean and grounds nicely kept.
Our local tour was enjoyable and well worth doing. (even though I struggled!)


Hi Caddie and Sunny Sanya:
I meant to write you. Things were really good and we were happy from your service.
My answers to your questions:

How did you find us? My friend found you
How about your communication with us? Communication was excellent.
How about our driver service? Was good
What information is missing on our website? I didn’t need to use the website
What comments on your hotel?) hotel was good, very big we could hardly notice there were so many people there.
Only breakfast was a bit crowded.
The food options were limited if someone is not so fond of Chinese food and the dinners are very expensive. We walked across to the crown plaza and they had a very good buffet for 208rmb with lots of western dishes so you can recommend your clients.
The only thing that was a problem was that we checked in for our flight they said that all seats are taken and they put each one of us separately. This was very strange since we were the first one at the check in counter. I guess that most people checked in on the internet which we don’t know or cannot do.
If you could give the suggestion to the client how to reserve a seat before check in this would be excellent. We ended up having to ask 4 people to move their seat which was very unpleasant and delayed the flight. But we could not let 1 year and 3 years old and even the 6 years old to sit by themselves.
Besides that all was good.
Thank again

Hi Caddie & Eva,
Pickup and drop off great. Hotel definitely swimming pools and environment great, but definitely not 5 star. Maybe 3 star. (particularly the rooms just ok)


Dear sunnysanya team,

Me and my family we would like to thank your professional organisation and except for the coming back problem (for this special greetings to Sophia and her patience), everything was ok.


Hi Caddie & Eva,
I’m sorry that I answer this late to your questions. Now we are already in Hong Kong on our way home.
I found your services very helpful, because otherwise we probably would not have made any trips. Generally it is a little hard to communicate with companies in Sanya, because we can not speak Chinese. Luckily I had received your newsletters to my e-mail for a couple of years, so I found it the best opportunity to ask if you could help us.

It was easy to communicate with you in English by e-mails. It would have been really expensive to use our Finnish phones for communicating and the phone in our hotel room was not my thing. 🙂 Maybe it would have been also nice to visit you directly? We also asked about you from a tourist information center and they had no idea that your company even existed. Maybe you should make yourselves more known especially for foreign (other than Chinese or russian) visitors.

Maybe you could also add more details to your website, like I kept asking you if people speak English or not and what is included to the prices.

Your Chinese speaking driver was really great and helpful and always on time. 🙂 Hot spring visit was great, we even could have spent more time there, so nothing to complain about.
Still want to thank you Eva for all your help!

Best reards

Catherine Comments:

We found you on the website. Sophia was really helpful when I contacted her with regards to the hotel options, booking, airport pickup/drop off service. She is professional on flight information as well, stayed late to help find the best option for us. Driver was very nice as well, he provided some useful information on the area. We didn’t use the website tho… As of hotel, it is a nice hotel, only thing is the kids pool is not really a kids pool… too deep.

Hi Caddie,
We thought all the services you offered us were great. We loved the hotel and we enjoyed Sanya Bay. We visited Yalong Bay and we decided we like Sanya Bay more. The room at the hotel was also perfect.
The fishing was great although we thought the prices were very high.
The only area we thought could be improved was the list of restaurants. I know most foreigners like to go to nice restaurants but we also like to try many little street restaurants that are not as expensive but offer a great service and great local food.

Hi Caddie,

I was surprised that western credit cards were not accepted in Sanya – I hadn’t read this before so maybe if it was in the ‘shopping’ information? Had a wonderful time would highly recommend your services and also the Sheraton Haitang Bay


Hi! Caddie,

Thank you for your great service with regards to our holiday in Sanya. We were very happy with the total service. The hotel is perfect for families. The driver service was professional, along with the greeting at the airport. We fully intend to use your services again.


Hi Caddie,

Driver was perfect (even a little early). Keep up the good work ! –I will do some “word of mouth” advertising for you with my colleagues who are coming to China and who might be interested in coming to Sanya. Also, keep the website up to date with information on the hotels –things such as construction next door– this is what clients such as myself are looking for: no bad surprises upon arrival. Hope to see you soon in Sanya,

Hi Caddie,

We really enjoyed our stay in Sanya en we hope we can come back again. If so, we will definitely contact Sunny Sanya.
We did find you by surfing the Internet;
The people at Sunny Sanya were very kind and friendly
Your diver service was good too;

Pullman was a very nice hotel; Not so good was that the connection with VPN didn’t work;
Our tour to ‘Natural Fishing Village’ was hen hao(great). Maybe nice to add to the program is to have fishing?!
Hope to see you next time and we already recommended your service to several families. You never know 😉
Kind regards,

Hi Caddie,

I am Mr. Pang from Malaysia. I am back now in Malaysia and can’t thank you enough for the splendid arrangement you have made for my whole family ancestral visit to Hainan Island especially our last-minute one day arrangement to visit Sanya. Please thank Peter for me to take his time off to bring us around Sanya and Hainan Noodles. We will definitely call you for your services the next time we visit Hainan. Kevin told me he had already bank the outstanding to your account so no worry and keep it up.

Mr. Pang  from Malaysia
Hi Caddie,
We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our holiday in Sanya.
It was absolutely fantastic and a great rest for us both from Shanghai.
The arrangements were perfect, all went well with the travel. Juneyao Airlines are brilliant with lovely service, the driver was great, and the hotel excellent.
We both had a great time, and will be recommending Mangrove Tree Resort, and your service to friends.
We hope to return there some time in the future.

Regards and thanks,
Ally & Steve women hen kuai le!! (We are very happy)

Hello Caddie,
I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful trip. You were easy to work with and gave great service! I will definitely recommend you to my friends in China.
The Mangrove Tree resort was great and we would definitely go back there, but if possible could you please pass on one piece of advice to them?
The beach would be PERFECT if they just had some staff pick up the trash once or twice a day. I know that it is common all over Asia, but they could really make their beach stand out as the BEST if they took care of the trash!! It is one of the BEST beaches that I have been to so far in Asia!! Including Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, etc.
Thanks again.
Mary Clarke
Hi Caddie,

Thank you very much for your beautiful present. We again loved Sanya and of course your good care. We are happy to have found you and met you. We continue to spread your name to our friends.

Thank care. Lies & Olaf.

Hi Caddie,
I just wanted to thank you for your help in all our travel arrangements. We had a wonderful time and thank goodness got to visit Xinjiang before all the trouble erupted. Also thanks for your help and James’s advice on how to get our money back. It was worth the aggravation. Keep in touch and hopefully we will be back soon. Regards to James.
Peter King from USA.

Dear Caddie,
We have just checked in the flights, and everything is fine. We had a very nice holiday here in Sanya. Everything has been perfect. Thank you a lot for helping us with the doctor and fixing the internet in our room. Maybe we will be back one day. We will recommend Sanya and your services to our friends. Again, thanks a lot.
Server and the family (from Sweden).

Dear Caddie,
I can’t thank you enough for your hospitality. You were so kind to get us that medicine and go with us to the airport. (And so gracious when Maddie threw up in the car–my apologies, again).?
we had a wonderful visit in Sanya thanks in large part to your wonderful hospitality.?
Thanks again,
Lauren Steltzer (and Maddie)

Dear Caddie,
Thanks for arranging SUCH a great weekend for us in Sanya. We both had such a good time and will recommend Hainan and your services to all our friends. The restaurants James took us to were out of this world!
And thank you for the fruit! We loved it all! One tip for the rainforest Spa & resort, get guests to take their own water as there was no drinking water in the hotel room and was quite pricey to buy from reception. Otherwise all was good. Climbing the mountain was superb!
Many thanks, Claire & Richard

Hi Caddie!
I hope you are doing fine. I am sorry it has taken such a long time before I wrote this recommendation. However here it comes…..It is very strange to be back to my normal life after such a long vacation, 1 month in China – and what a vacation it was. We are so happy with all your help from planning the trip to the excellent service we got during our stay in Hainan. We really enjoyed China including the super accommodations you recommended. Since there are very few companies or next to none in Scandinavian who offer trips to Southern China you are forced to travel on your own and we are so grateful to have fund you, Caddie. When there are companies as Sunny Sanya it is no problem!  So once again, thank for your excellent service…
Best regards
Nina & Grete-Sofie from Oslo, Norway

Hi Sunny Sanya Staff!

Again, let me express my honor to meet you in Sanya. Your service was a wonderful experience, and I hope I will be able to work with you in the future. Many thanks for your professional work!
—- Esko Naukkarinen

Hi Caddie,

me and my family and lisa and her family had a lovely time in Sanya, you were very helpful helping us book the holiday and once we were there you continued to be a great help to us, we really enjoyed!!. A big thank you
—-Helen Meek

Hi Caddie,

We spent our six days holiday in Sunny Sanya Family Inn. There was very warm and kindness atmosphere. Many of the people spoke very good English. In that Bed and Breakfast level place, our room was very comfortable and very well equipment as TV, mini bar, air conditioner, hair dryer and shampoo and soap. It was very nice to sit on the sea view balcony of our room. The beach is quite near the near the hotel. The basic breakfast with fruits and yoghurt was good and enough.
We enjoyed in Sunny Sanya Family Inn very well. In all, it is a good value place to stay.
—Kaj and Arja from Finland

Hi Caddie:
we thank you for all, everything was very fine and we hope to see you again and soon.
— Franco and Laura

Dear Caddie,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We had a very enjoyable time in Hainan – Sanya.
A very warm thank you to yourself and Mr. Xia DaYong for making the trip so memorable. Mr. Xia has been very helpful in recommending the tourist attractions suitable for our family and was flexible in accommodating to our needs. Please convey our thanks to him.
We wish you all at Sunny Sanya a happy and prosperous year ahead!
Best regards,
— Lawrence Lee, Eileen Chua and family Singapore

Hi Caddie,
We have been at home now for two weeks; first days were not nice, we woke up at 3-4 in the morning (China +6 hours).
We have a special winter, no snow and temperature +8! Normally we could ski at this time of the year and the forecast is still the same for next week. I really hope that we get a white Christmas!!
We all, me and my husband Kalevi as well as Mrs. and Mr. Schutz thank you for all your services, everything was perfect and worked as scheduled. We had a pleasant time in Hainan and also those 2 days in Guangzhou. I will recommend any friend of mine to contact you if they come to Hainan.
We never discussed about your Xmas, if you spend it or not, but anyway, this is the time to wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
With best regards,
— Pirjo Ahonen

Dear Caddie,
Well, it’s been some time since we’ve back to our regular life. So now it’s the time to summarize couple of things.
First of all, we all would like to thank you and James for arranging beautiful holidays for us! Holidays we’ll not forget. All items organized by you were carried out perfectly: our picking up, wonderful hotels, all your tips about food and our stay etc. All worked extremely professional from your side. Even in a crisis situation, you were the only one who solved our problem in 10 minutes!
About Sanya – well nobody who traveled there for the first time couldn’t imagine how it might look like! We are charmed by beautiful places and fantastic weather.
Thank you both very much for your hospitality and leaving the impression of wonderful, smiling and helpful people in us. That really makes the holidays and now memories great.
Hope we’ll meet again some day.
Thank you,
Your Polish Dream Team 🙂
Dominika, Arkadiusz and Piotr


I wanted to thank you for arranging golf for me when I was in Sanya. Everything happened just as you described, the pick up arrived right on time AND your recommendation for me to play Sun Valley was an excellent one. I really liked that course.
I also wanted to thank you for your restaurant recommendations. My wife and I enjoyed walking down the beach to dinner. The Vietnamese restaurant at the Marriott was our favorite, but we liked the Thai restaurant at the Mangrove as well. Both were nice alternatives to the restaurants at the Sheraton where we stayed.
Thanks for providing great service
Carl Hedlund

Dear Caddie
Now Daniel and I are back in Shanghai again and the daily life got us back. Time to say “thank you” to you and James for making us such a great, relaxed and joyful time in Sanya.
Booking the trip we couldn’t really believe, that all could go so easily and function so great just by email-contact, but all was so perfectly organized, from the flight to picking us up at the airport to picking us up again at our hotel so punctual! All was really exactly so, as you told us!
And over all, there was your extra service as buying some water on the road picking us up from the airport in the night, because it’s very expensive at the hotel and your really great tips for going out for dinner. We enjoyed most the really great food at the Hilton IZE restaurant – it was so romantic and the food and service were just great.
Now, back in Shanghai we will certainly think often at the beautiful time we spent in Sanya, our really gorgeous hotel “mangrove tree resort”, the beautiful beach and for instance the sun and we certainly will spend another holiday in sunny Sanya next year – we will let you know!

Best regards and a good time in Sunny Sanya
Daniel and Stephen, Germany/Shanghai