Hainan Island Transportation Guide, Reach Hainan Island by Flights, Trains & Buses

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Hainan Island Transportation Guide: How to reach Hainan Island from Mainland China and Overseas?

Hainan Island is located in the south China sea, separated by Qiongzhou Strait from Main Land China. There are several ways to reach Hainan Island, the tropical paradise of China:

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By Flights to Hainan Island China:

99% of visitors reach Hainan Island by flights. There are 2 airports on Hainan Island, one is in Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Island, the other is in Sanya, the beach destination of Hainan Island. If there is no direct flight from where you stay to Haikou or Sanya Airport, the best option is to take a transit flight via Guangzhou from Mainland China and Hong Kong from Overseas.

For your easy reference, we have updated the international flights to Hainan (updated on Sept. 16, 2019)

Drive your own car to Hainan Island

With Hainan Island’s temporary Driving Permit or your Chinese License, it is easy to drive your own car to Hainan Island. You may wonder how to cross the strait from Mainland China to Hainan as there is no bridge or underground tunnel.  No worry, you can take a ferry which carries you and your car.  There are 2 ports on Mainland China where you can buy a ferry ticket for your car: Hainan (海安) and Hainan New Port (海安新港. For your information, Hainan is the only place so far in China with no toll gates on Highways or national roads.

It costs CNY415.50 to transfer your car (including one driver) to Haikou Port. All other passengers in the same car shall buy normal passenger tickets at CNY41.5/adult and half price for child.

All drivers must make reservation in advance on-line by scanning this QR CODE or visit the home page of Hainan Harbour Service Company:



By Train/railway to Sanya & Haikou Hainan Island China:

Would be a good choice for travelers with enough time and want to enjoy the landscape along the railway, also to experience China’s first cross-straits passenger rail link from Hainan Guangdong Province to Haikou Hainan Island. There are trains from Guangzhou(Canton) Guangdong Province, Beijing, and Changsha to Sanya & Haikou Hainan Island.

By Ferry/Boat to Sanya Hainan Island China:

Hainan is the second largest island in China after Taiwan. BUT for your information, there is no ferry/boat from Shenzhen or Guangzhou/Canton to Haikou Hainan Island.

The ferry from Hong Kong to Haikou was cancelled a long time ago. The only way from Hong Kong to Sanya or Haikou, Hainan Island is by flight.

All passengers must make reservation in advance on-line. There are 2 points where you can take ferry to Hainan Island from Mainland China: Hainan (海安) and Beihai (北海).

From Hainan (海安)to Haikou Port, there are 24 hours with intervals of around 30 minutes. The same for the ferry from Haikou Port to Hainan (海安).

From Beihai to Haikou Port, there is one ferry daily at 6 pm. The ferry from Haikou Port to Beihai (北海)leaves at 7 pm daily and arrives at 6 am the next day.

Tickets are available on-line, please scan this QR Code to buy on-line or visit the home page of Hainan Harbour Service Company:









By Buses to Sanya/Haikou Hainan Island China:

Though you could travel to Haikou & Sanya, Hainan Island by buses from some Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Guilin, Nanning and more cities, but it is really a hard journey. So we don’t recommend this transportation. It is not fun to sit in a very crowded bus over 12 hours with closed windows.

So with the above information, I believe you have found the right way to reach Hainan Island by flights, trains, ferry or to drive your own car to Hainan Island.

How to reach Hainan Island from Mainland China and Overseas?